Rudy has been an invaluable advisor, mentor and coach to me as the CEO of the Chief Customer Officer Council. He has provided strong business guidance that has enabled me to make difficult but necessary strategic decisions. His insights into customer behavior have been invaluable as I’ve worked with customers and prospects. His coaching has enabled significant business growth. Rudy has demonstrated a remarkable breadth and depth of business experience that grounds his advice in reality, and an uncanny ability to understand human behavior, both of which enable him to make powerful observations and recommendations that if followed, will generate results.

Curtis Bingham
CEO Chief Customer Officer Council

logo-samsungVidal Consulting sets the standard for strategic planning and advisement to executives. They ask questions that shed light on the root cause of problems and allows for quick and effective decision making. With their help, I have identified aspects of my management approach that I could improve. I’ve become a better leader as a result.

Frank P DeFina
Executive Vice President

Vidal Consulting shows you how Customer Loyalty (XCL) generates hard cash at your customer touchpoints– cash you need more than ever in these tough times. With XCL, you will outperform a commoditized market by adding differentiation beyond the product.

Francis McInerney
Managing Dir.,
North River Ventures

Rudy is one of the most talented, positive and energetic coaches I have ever met. He empowers executives to leverage their strengths and view the business landscape from a clearer point of view. He not only advises but guides you how to think more effectively.  Highly recommended.

Keith Hanak
VP Solutions & Delivery
Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company

We worked with Vidal Consulting for about 15 months during 2013 and 2014. The impact of the time invested is continuing to positively impact our business. We are continuing to make changes and improvements their coaching, ideas, and strategies. Rudy and the team helped us to identify opportunities to improve our business and customer relationships that we will be working on for many years to come. The unique thought processes and coaching techniques have been invaluable to our continuous improvement practices.

Chris Peterson
Riverwoods Mill

Vidal Consulting helped us turn an idea into a culture that keeps on giving. We have been able to reduce our costs and increase our impact for 3 years running. Our contact center is now an asset to our business. Customer Satisfaction has increased by 40%.

Bob Greenberg

Rudy Vidal was an exceptional executive coach – the investment I made with him was so worth it. I only wish I’d started with him sooner. He has an uncanny ability to listen carefully then help you turn customer-related problems into business opportunities. I was so pleased that I decided to have him work directly with me advising a client. His involvement expanded the opportunity and the customer was delighted.

Bruce Brand
Brand Imagination

Vidal Consulting Group has changed my thought process to become a better leader with a clear vision for the company, developing our current managers to corporate leaders with their wisdom. Their coaching skills has improved my management team, at least 3 times more efficiency.

Justin Anderson
Audio Enhancements Inc.

Vidal Consulting set the standard at Panasonic for customer centricity and XCS or “Extreme Customer Satisfaction in our contact centers and in the organization at large.

Frank Defina
Panasonic North America

Vidal Consulting has been a significant advisor at Big-D and for my personal growth and development. They have enabled, via their coaching, major progression in our ability to facilitate culture change and alignment of our vision, roles and goals as a company. They have also succeeded in awakening our capacity to build robust relationships with our clients. Vidal Consulting has a knack for explaining concepts in an especially comprehensive and engaging way that pilots positive transformation.

Cory Moore
Sr. VP/Partner
Big-D Construction Inc.

Vidal Consulting brought us a philosophy, process, and metrics. Our customer satisfaction increased dramatically. Our Contact Center customers love the results Vidal Consulting brings.

Paul Jarman

Vidal Consulting worked with and greatly benefitted six of our top executives, including myself. They have helped us achieve our sales, organizational, employee engagement and leadership development goals. We highly recommend Vidal Consulting Group.

Jeff Anderson
Audio Enhancements

Our management team found Vidal Consulting’s workshop very worthwhile. It’s a practical and useful customer service philosophy we can use everyday. Thank you Rudy & team, for bringing retailers into the 21st century with customer service!

Leslie Noffsinger
General Manager- Contact Center

Vidal Consulting has provided tremendous value to me in transitioning from a Director at a very large company, to a Vice President at a mid-sized company. The insights and recommendations provided were essential to my success in adapting to a very different corporate culture, and shifting from the role of strong individual producer/coach to an executive primarily focused on setting strategy and driving growth and results from a team. May not have survived year one without them!

Eugene Seagriff
VP of Marketing
VXi Corporation

Vidal Consulting continues to make things happen. They have certainly made a difference in my company and our mission of providing excellent customer support services.

Jill Blankenship
Frontline Call Centers

Rudy has been a trusted advisor for several years. He is genius at cutting to the heart of the problem. His coaching has propelled me into great opportunities that benefit me personally and my organizations. I have found his straightforward, candid advice applicable in both the non-profit and corporate world.

Donna Milakovic
Exec Director of Govt. Affairs
Profire Energy Inc.

Vidal Consulting’s insight for extreme customer service forces a company to examine their customer satisfaction potential and redefine their purpose in the market place. Our contact center operations are more efficient and effective sources of business stability.

Joe Robertson
Tree of Life Contact Center

The Vidal Consulting Team has helped us develop a different approach to problem solving that has a greater focus on the customer experience allowing us to maintain a more cohesive customer centric culture. We are grateful for their help.

Scott Honer
Sr Mgr North America Financial Services
Ingram Micro Inc

Vidal Consulting’s understanding of Customer issues and the creation of Customer Centric Cultures is second to none.  They have moved contact centers to their highest potential.

Joe Jacaboni
Contact Centers of America

I had already spent a year building my consulting practice when I met Rudy Vidal. I was considering whether to continue with my efforts or move down a different path. After meeting with Rudy and gaining a real world perspective on what it takes to build a successful consulting practice; I realized the best thing I could do was ask Rudy to be my mentor. The results have been impressive, confidence has soared and the insight to managing the details has made a significant difference in my effectiveness as a consultant. This is hard work, but with Rudy’s guidance, the work is meaningful, focused on results and building a tremendous ROI.

Connie Deianni
Mentoring Expert, Employee Engagement Consultant, Speaker

Rudy is one of the best on Customer Loyalty, he is engaging, motivating and inspires the mind. If you want results, Rudy is your man.

Jeff Rust
Corporate Alliance

Rudy has a gift, an intuitive, experienced insight that he is able to share, and as he shares others are inspired. I’ve enjoyed working with him four years ago and again in the past month. Both times, to put it simply, life was better as a result of work-ing with Rudy Vidal.

Ray Buttars
Professional Training, Speaker, Executive Mentor, Author, Consultant

Rudy’s leadership as the founding member of the Chief Customer Officer Council, has guided us to build the standard in excellence for the world’s best Chief Customer Officers.

Curtis Bingham
ounder/Exec Dir.
CCO Council

The thing that impresses me most about working with Vidal Consulting is their ability to ask the right questions and truly understand my business. They have an impressive resume, and was able to translate that experience with large, global companies into actionable strategy for a rapidly growing company. They worked with my entire management team to help us all think more strategically and be more accountable to one another. They helped us gain clarity of purpose as a company. If you’re ready to get serious about growing your business, talk to Vidal Consulting.

Dave Bascom
Fit Marketing

Dynamic! Vidal Consulting moved our entire sales force to a new level of customer understanding.

Jim King
Panasonic Toughbook

Vidal Consulting shows the passion for customer satisfaction that all of us wish for in our roles as consumers. To have the company that we are interacting with truly understand the alignment of purpose that drives customer satisfaction. Vidal Consulting’s insight for extreme customer service forces a company to examine their customer satisfaction potential and redefine their purpose in the market place.

Joe Robertson
Member Relationship Manager
IX-ONE, The Data Council

Vidal Consulting provided us proven methodologies that transform Customer Satisfaction into a proven approach to increase Loyalty and enrich our relationships. The principles of Vidal Consulting have become the foundation of our culture.

Ken Hansen
MetroPacific Bank

Vidal Consulting has truly been a joy to work with and associate with over the past year. Their commitment to and understanding of Extreme Customer Satisfaction really resonates with what I do each day. I cannot interact with a single internal or external customer without thinking about Vidal Consulting’s presentations and dedication to this effort of changing everyone’s way of thinking about customer service and its real impact on business. I would recommend Vidal Consulting’s program/work to anyone and any company.

Jonathan Judd
Head of Channels, North America

Now we have a Customer Centric Purpose and a plan to follow – Vidal Consulting made it possible.

Colleen Brady
Children’s Careway Foundation

Rudy is a creative genius who truly cares about the customer, and has a keen ability to listen. It is always enlightening to spend even a few minutes with Rudy, as his passion for the customer is contagious. At Panasonic he & his team were able to make substantial changes in the company which improved the customer experience.  Vidal Consulting is well balanced, and fun to be around..

Michael Timar
VP Product Management