See it.   Plan it.   Do it.



Growing the business can be a dangerous balancing act. We help you get it started and keep it going.

  • Assessments
  • Strategies
  • Implementations

“Rudy has helped me become a better leader through a change in my approach that includes a clearer vision and a better way to develop our current management to become better leaders. His coaching skills have improved my management team is at least 3X more efficient.”

Justin Andersen, COO Audio Enhancments Inc

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We all need someone in our corner with experience and a different vantage point.

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Dynamics

  • Employee Engagement

“Rudy has been a trusted advisor for several years. He is genius at cutting to the heart of the problem. His coaching has propelled me into great opportunities that benefit me personally and my organizations. I have found his straight forward, candid advice applicable in both the non-profit and corporate world.”

Donna Milakovic, Executive Director of Govt-Affairs Profire Energy Inc

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Share the vision, the plan and the glory.
  • Workshops
  • Team Building
  • Keynotes to Remember

“The best I’ve heard on Customer Loyalty. Engaging, motivating and inspiring. If you want results, Vidal Consulting is your team.”

Jeff Rust, President Corporate Alliance

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Our speaking engagements inspire audiences to take action. We work with you to ensure the message reinforces your priorities.
  • Inspire Your Organization

“Dynamic speaker! Rudy moved our entire sales force to a new level of customer understanding.”

Jim King, VP Panasonic Toughbook

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